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J: New Cricket Books December 2022

New Cricket Books December 2022

Attention, cricket aficionados! In this issue of  New Cricket Books December 2022 Roger Page explore these captivating new releases and enrich your cricketing experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into the world of cricket, learn from the best, and indulge in the passion that unites fans worldwide. Order your copies today and embark on a literary journey that will leave you inspired, informed, and forever enchanted by the magic of cricket. Here is just a tidbit to get you thinking about

In New Cricket Books December 2022 we firstly want to direct you to Overseas First-Class Annual 2022 by John Bryant explores the exhilarating world of overseas cricket with John Bryant’s remarkable Annual. Delve into the thrilling tales of triumphs, challenges, and the clash of cricketing titans from around the globe. Packed with comprehensive statistics, expert analysis, and captivating stories, this book is a treasure trove for any true cricket enthusiast.

Join the legendary cricket commentator, Henry Blofeld, on an unforgettable journey through the sport’s most exhilarating matches with  Ten To Win… And The Last Man In by Henry Blofeld. Through his signature wit and insightful commentary, Blofeld takes you beyond the scorecards and into the heart-pounding action that has thrilled fans for generations. Prepare to be captivated by his remarkable storytelling prowess in “Ten To Win… And The Last Man In.”

Celebrate New Zealand cricket with the comprehensive and meticulously curated New Zealand Cricket Almanack 2022. Immerse yourself in the country’s cricketing heritage, relive the standout performances, and gain unique insights into the team’s triumphs and challenges. With match reports, player profiles, and expert analysis, this almanack is an essential addition to any cricket lover’s library.

Embark on a fascinating journey into the life and legacy of one of cricket’s true legends with Monty Noble – Cricketing Nobility by Peter Lloyde. Peter Lloyd’s masterful biography paints an intimate portrait of this iconic figure, exploring his cricketing prowess, leadership qualities, and enduring influence on the sport. Delve into the rich history of the gentleman’s game with this compelling narrative.

Discover the compelling stories of cricketing heroes who answered their country’s call in times of war with Answering The Call  by Paul Akeroyd. His poignant account shines a light on the brave cricketers who traded their bats for rifles, sacrificing their careers and, in some cases, their lives for a greater cause. “Answering The Call” is a tribute to their velour, reminding us of the enduring spirit of cricket.

Visit the Roger Page Cricket Books website now to explore these captivating new releases. From classic almanacks to gripping biographies, each book promises to transport you into the heart of the game. Order your copies today and embark on a literary journey that celebrates the spirit, history, and legends of cricket. Don’t miss out on these captivating reads

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