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G: Cricket Tour Books February 2019

Cricket Tour Books February 2019

Cricket Tour Books February 2019 is packed with new items for you to read and add to your collection. It is almost an undeniable fact that cricket has the richest literature of any sport.  Volumes cricket tour books have been written about cricket tours and cricket series over time. Cricket tour books provide wonderful insights into the background of past cricket tour matches through the history of cricket. The wonderful insights include the analysis of significant performances of players and the teams and how they contributed to winning or losing a series in cricket. Cricket tour books discuss the appreciable tactical and  strategic subtleties of the game that we all love. They reveal characters within the game and bring to the fore information that adds to body and weight of the game that are simply unique to the game of cricket. They also provide an understanding on the controversies of the games such as the ‘Bodyline’ Ashes series in 1932-33 or the ‘Ball Tampering’ scandal in 2018. Controversies are not limited to the field, but which are played out over in time by cricket players and authors of the game such as Neville Cardus, Alan Ross, Gideon Haigh and Christopher Martin-Jenkins to name but a few of the many authors who specialise in this field of cricket writing.

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