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G: Cricket Tour Books – October 2014

G:     Tour Books – October 2014

In each of our catalogues we stock a number of quality cricket tour books.

#Item Listing$   ¢
93.The Complete History Of (England) Cricket Tours At Home And Abroad (1989; near mint) – Peter Wynne-Thomas20.00
94.The Tour Of The ‘Gentlemen Of Philapdelphia’ in Great Britain In 1884 (near mint)
(Facsimile reprint of the 1884 publication by John Pugh Green. Limited edition of 200 copies)
95.“With Stoddart’s Team In Australia” (1897-98) – Prince Ranjitsinhji120.00
96.An Australian Cricketer On Tour (1905; covers slightly worn) – Frank Laver
(Accounts of the 1899 and 1905 Australian tours of England)
97.With The 15th Australian X1 (1921) – Sydney Smith200.00
98.Mann’s Men – M.C.C. In South Africa 1922-23 (2004; card-covers) – Brian Bassano40.00
99.The Fight For The Ashes 1928-29 – M.A.Noble
(Signed by the author)
100.The Fight For The Ashes 1930 – P.F.Warner125.00
101.Bodyline Umpire (1974) – R.S.Whitington/George Hele
(“An Eye-Witness Account Of A Dramatic Era In Test Cricket”. Signed by George Hele)
102.In Quest Of The Ashes 1932-33 (1984 reprint; mint) – Douglas Jardine12.00
103.Ashes And Dust: The 1934 Test Matches – Douglas Jardine100.00
104.Field Of Shadows: The English Cricket Tour Of Nazi Germany 1937 (new) – Dan Waddel40.00
105.Australian Summer (1936-37; lst edition) – Neville Cardus60.00
106.With England In Australia – The Truth About The Tests (1946-47) – Bruce Harris15.00
107.Cricket Conquest: The Story Of The 1948 Test Tour – Bill O’Reilly30.00
108.Halo For Hadlee (card-covers; scarce) – George Wycherley
(“A light-hearted history of the 1949 New Zealand cricket tour of England”)
109.The Australian Tour To England 1953 (card-covers) – Peter Wynne-Thomas
110.Australian Test Journal (1954-55) – John Arlott15.00
111.Cricket At The Crossroads (‘Ashes’ 1956; autographed) – Ian Johnson45.00
112.Benaud & Co. The Story Of The Tests 1958-59 – A.G. (“Johnnie”) Moyes30.00
113.The Australian Tour Of 1961 – Jim Laker20.00
114.With The M.C.C. In Australia 1962-63 – A.G.Moyes/Tom Goodman15.00
115.Summer Spectacular: The West Indies v. England 1963 – J.S.Barker20.00
116.Bradman, Benaud, & Goddard’s Cinderellas – R.S.Whitington
(South African tour of Australia 1963-64)
117.Cricket Crisis – The M.C.C. Visit To South Afruca 1964-65 – Jackie McGlew35.00
118.The Oval Memories – Pakistan Team’s Tour Of England 1967 (card-covers) – Q.Butt130.00
119.Cricket Grand-Slam – Eric Litchfield
(Australian tour of South Africa 1970)
120.Gone With The Kiwis (card-covers) – Brunell Jones
(“A Book On The New Zealand Cricket Tour Of West Indies 1972”)
121.The Ashes ‘ 77 (near mint) – Greg Chappell/David Frith8.00
122.Lambs To The Slaughter (1978-79 Ashes; autographed) – Graham Yallop25.00
123.Ashes 97 – Two Views From The Boundary (card-covers) – Norman Geras/I.Holliday25.00
124.Ashes Frontline (limp-boards) – (ed) Malcolm Spencer
(“The Ashes Diaries of Justin Langer & Steve Harmison”)