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C: Cricket Autobiographies – October 2014

C:     Cricket Autobiographies – October 2014

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a range of quality cricket autobiographies of best know modern and famous cricket players throughout the history cricket. If you need an items that is not shown on this page please type the title in the search box to see if we have stocked this item before. If the book is not there, send me an email or fill out the enquiry form.

#AuthorsItem Listing$   ¢
29.John ArlottBasingstoke Boy – The Autobiography (1990)20.00
30.R.G. BarlowForty Seasons Of First-Class Cricket (1908)125.00
31.Darren BerryKeeping It Real (2004; autographed)20.00
32.Don BradmanFarewell To Cricket (1950)20.00
33.Alan DavidsonFifteen Paces (1963; autographed)35.00
34.Basil D’OliveiraTime To Declare (1980; autographed)30.00
35.David FrithCaught England, Bowled Australia (autographed)45.00
36.Herschelle GibbsTo The Point (2010; limp-boards)20.00
37.Alan GibsonA Mingled Yarn (1976)25.00
38.Richard HadleeRhythm & Swing (1989; autographed)30.00
39.Walter HadleeThe Innings Of A Lifetime (1993)45.00
40.Ray IllingworthYorkshire & Back (1980)20.00
41.Terry JennerT.J. Over The Top (1999; mint)15.00
42.Ray LindwallFlying Stumps (1954)15.00
43.Bill O’Reilly‘Tiger’ (1985; autographed)60.00
44.Barry RichardsThe Barry Richards Story (1978; autographed)40.00
45.Keith StackpoleNot Just For Openers (1974; autographed)30.00
46.P.F.WarnerCricket Reminiscences (1920)40.00
47.Dirk WellhamSolid Knocks …. (1988; autographed)35.00
48.Sammy WoodsMy Reminiscences (1925)
(“With personal appreciations by P.F.Warner & G.L. Jessop”)