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D: Cricket Biographies – October 2014

D:     Cricket Biographies – October 2014

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a range of quality cricket biographies.

#Item Listing$   ¢
49.Ken Barrington: A Tribute (1982; near mint) – Brian Scovell20.00
50.The Digger’s Doctor (new) – Ashley Mallett
(The ‘extraordinary life of Donald Beard …. his love of cricket & deep friendship with Don Bradman’)
51.His Own Man: The Life Of Neville Cardus (1985) – Christopher Brookes30.00
52.Phil Edmonds – A Singular Man (1986; near mint) – Simon Barnes12.00
53.The Graces (E.M.,W.G., & G.F.) – A.G. Powell / S. Canynge Caple
(“Limited Edition of 1000 Copies published to commemorate the Centenary of W.G. Grace’s birth”)
54.Merv (Hughes) – The Full story (1997; mint) – Patrick Keane
(Autographed by Hughes)
55.Jack Hobbs: England’s Greatest Cricketer (2012) – Leo McKinstry40.00
56.Len Hutton – The Biography (1988) – Gerald Howat25.00
57.Pankaj Roy – Bengal’s Forgotten Cricket Legend (new) – Gautam Bhattacharya35.00
58.On Pietersen: The Making of K.P. (due early August) – Simon Wilde40.00
59.‘Lucky’ Jim Pleass (new; due early October )- Andrew Hignell35.00
60.Tom Pritchard – Greatness Denied (new) – Paul Williams
(Signed by Pritchard, aged 96)
61.It’s Not About Me – The Brian Taber Story (new) Ronald Cardwell/David Jenkins
(Limited edition of 252 copies, signed by Taber)
62.Trumper – The Illustrated Biography (1985) – Ashley Mallett8.00
63.10 For 10: Hedley Verity …. Cricket’s Greatest Bowling Feat (new) – Chris Waters30.00