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B: Anthologies – June 2014

B:     Anthologies – June 2014

#Item Listing $   ¢
14.A La Recherche Du Cricket Perdu (near mint) (ed) Simon Barnes
(Winner of the Cricket Society Literary Award 1989)
15.As I Said at the Time – A Lifetime of Cricket (1983; mint) E.W. Swanton25.00
16.A Word From Arlott (1983; near mint) (ed) David Rayvern Allen
(“ A collection of John Arlott’s broadcasts, cricket commentaries and writings”)
17.Cricket Gallery: Fifty Profiles of Famous Players from “The Cricketer”
(1976; near mint) (ed) David Frith
18.Elk Stopped Play and Other Tales from Wisden’s Cricket Round the World (new) (ed) Charles Connelly30.00
19.Giants of South African Cricket (1971) Various authors
(Biographies of 12 players, including Jack Cameron, Dudley Nourse, Neil Adcock & Eddie Barlow)
20.Nicely Nurdled, Sir! (“New Enlarged Edition”; 1988) (ed) Christopher Lee20.00
21.Remembering Bradman (2002; near mint) (ed) Margaret Geddes(“Sir Donald Bradman – as recalled by those whose lives he touched”)25.00
22.Summer Days – Writers on Cricket (1987; paper-back) (ed) Michael Meyer4.00
23.The Badminton Library Cricket (1888; lst edition)
(“With contributions by A. Lang, W.G. Grace, R.A.H. Mitchell and F. Gale”)
24.The Light Side of Cricket (1898) (ed) E.A.V. Christian
(“Stories, Sketches & Verses”)
25.The Twelfth Man (1971) (ed) Martin Boddey
(“A book of original contributions brought together by the Lord’s Taverners ….”)
26.The Way It Was (2011; limp-covers) Stephen Chalke25.00
27.Wisden Anthologies 1864-1900 & 1900-1940 (ed) Benny Green15.00 ea