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G: Tour Books – June 2013

G:     Tour Books – June 2013

#Item Listing$   ¢
97.The Trail Blazers – The First English Cricket Tour of Australia 1861-62 -David Frith
(1999; limp-boards)
98.The Birth Of The Ashes (2006; limp-boards) – Christopher Hilton
(“The Amazing Story of the First Ashes Test”)
99.The Australians In England 1884 – C.F. Pardon
(Facsimile reprint of the 1884 book. Limited edition of 150 numbered copies)
100.The Tour Of The ‘Gentlemen Of Philadelphia’ in Great Britain iIn 1884 (mint)
(Facsimile reprint of the 1884 publication by John Pugh Green. Limited edition of 200 copies)
101.Cricket Across the Seas – P.F. Warner
(“….Lord Hawke’s Team in New Zealand and Australia” 1902-03)
102.Archie’s Last Stand – M.C.C. in New Zealand 1922-23 (1984) – David Kynaston20.00
103.The Fight for The Ashes 1928-29- M.A.Noble125.00
104.Bradman & The Summer that Changed Cricket (2009) – Christopher Hilton20.00
105.A Cuckoo in the Bodyline Nest (1992; mint) – Gilbert Mant
(The ‘inside story’ of the Bodyline tour by an Australian journalist who travelled with the team)
106.The Fight for The Ashes 1932-33 – Jack Hobbs110.00
107.Kissing the Rod: The Story of The Tests of 1934 – P.G.H. Fender140.00
108.Australian Summer (1936-37; lst edition) – Neville Cardus60.00
109.Cricket Conquest: The Story of the 1948 Test Tour – Bill O’Reilly30.00
110.Halo For Hadlee (card-covers; scarce) – George Wycherley
(“A light-hearted history of the 1949 New Zealand cricket tour of England”)
111.Days At The Cricket – John Arlott
(West Indies tour of England 1950)
112.Caught By The Springboks – An Account of The South African Cricket Tour in Australia And New Zealand 1952-53 – Jack Cheetham40.00
113.Silver Fern on The Veld – R.T. Brittenden
(”New Zealand Cricketers In South Africa 1953-54”)
114.Pakistan vs. England Tour of 1954 (scarce) – M.H. Maqsood / M.I. Merchant300.00
115.England Keep The Ashes (1954-55; card-covers) – Crawford White
(“With Roy Webber’s Actual Scorebook & Statistics of The Series”)
116.Springbok Glory (South African tour of England 1955) – Louis Duffus15.00
117.The M.C.C. Tour Of South Africa 1956-57 – Charles Fortune25.00
118.Cricket Wonders – Pakistan’s Tour of West Indies 1958 (card-covers) – Q .Butt140.00
119.The Fight For The Ashes 1961 – Ron Roberts20.00
120.Cricket in Three Moods – Henry Blofeld
(England in the West Indies 1967-68; West Indies Tours of Australia 1968-69 & England 1969)
121.The New Zealand Tour To England 1973 (new) – David Parsons)40.00
122.Test of Nerves – Test Series 1974-75 (hard-back) – Frank Tyson25.00
123.Put to The Test – England in Australia 1978-79 (autographed) – Geoffrey Boycott35.00
124.Another Bloody Day in Paradise (England in West Indies 1981) – Frank Keating30.00
125.The Australian Cricket Tour 1985 (card-covers) – Mike Ringham20.00
126.Steve Waugh’s Ashes Diary 2001 (limp-boards)10.00
127.The Ashses in Focus 2005 (mint) – Patrick Eagar25.00