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B: Anthologies – June 2013

B:     Anthologies – June 2013

#Item Listing   $   ¢
15.After Stumps Were Drawn – The Best Of Ray Robinson’s Cricket Writing
(1985; mint) (selected by) Jack Pollard
16.Another Word From Arlott (1975; near mint) – (ed) David Rayvern Allen
(Collection of “John Arlott’s broadcasts, cricket commentaries and writings ….”)
17.Cricket (1953; “Pleasures Of Life” series) – (ed) John Arlott40.00
18.Cricket – A Modern Anthology (new; due early June) – (ed) Jonathan Agnew40.00
19.Cricket – A Popular Handbook Of The Game (1887) – (ed) G.A. Hutchison
(With contributions by W.G.Grace, James Pycroft, Frederick Gale etc.)
20.Cricket – The Great All-Rounders (1969) – (ed) John Arlott30.00
21.Crusoe On Cricket – The Cricket Writings of R.C. Robertson-Glasgow (1966; 321 pages)40.00
22.Finding Seams On Apples (new) – (ed) James Nixon
(“Debates, Discussions and Disputes from Cricket Tragics Worldwide”)
23.Gideon Haigh’s Australian Cricket Anecdotes (1996; mint; autographed)20.00
24.God’s Forgotten Cricketers: Profiles of Leading South African Players (1976; card-covers)
(ed) Andre Odendaal
25.Pataudi (new) – (ed) Suresh Menon30.00
26.Remembering Bradman (2002; near mint) – (ed) Margaret Geddes
(“Sir Donald Bradman – as recalled by those whose lives he touched”)
27.Rahul Dravid – Timeless Steel (new) – (ed) Sambit Bal
(“Collected writings on Indian Cricket’s Go-To Man”)
28.The Bowling Was Superfine (new) – (ed) Stewart Brown / Ian McDonald
(“West Indian Writing and West Indian Cricket”)
29.The Picador Book Of Cricket (2001; near mint) – (ed) Ramachandra Guha
(“A tribute to the finest writers in the game”; 476 pages)
30.The Wisden Papers of Neville Cardus (1989; near mint) – (ed) Benny Green25.00