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F: Souvenir Brochures and Booklets – February 2015

F:     Souvenir Brochures and Booklets – February 2015

We stock a limited number of Souvenir Brochures and Booklets. We are constantly on the look for quality cricket ephemera and cricket collectables and we choose discerningly for quality souvenir brochures and booklets. If you need any specific cricket ephemera or cricket collections, please feel free to contact me to see what we have in stock or if I can point you in the right direction with souvenir brochures, other cricket ephemera or distinctive collectable cricket booklets.

#Item Listing$   ¢
75.A.B.C. Cricket Books – M.C.C. tours of Australia 1954-55 & 1958-5950.00
76.A.B.C. Cricket Books – A ‘run’ from 1962-63 to 1978-79 (20 issues)125.00
77.A.B.C. Cricket Book – 2014-2015 Season Guide (ed) Jim Maxwell)8.50
78.Australian XI English Tour 1934 Orient Line)150.00
80.Australia v. South Africa 1995 (Official Souvenir Programme)10.00
81.Bradman: A Tribute (2001) (ed) Angus Fontaine10.00
82.Celebrating 100 Years of Sheffield Shield Cricket – South Aust. v. N.S.W., December 199210.00
83.Champions Forever. Yorkshire – County Champions 2001 Richard Mills20.00
84.Cricket ‘ 64 – Australian Tour: Complete Record (“A Flamingo Production”)15.00
85.England. West Indies. Zimbabwe (NatWest Series 2000)12.00
86.English Women’s Cricket X1 Tour of New South Wales 1948-4960.00
87.Essex v. Victoria, September 1991 (Britannic Assurance Challenge)10.00
88.Hedley Verity: The Story of A Gallant Cricketer (1945)75.00
89.M.C.C. Team Australian Tour 1950-51 (N.S.W. Official Souvenir Programme)15.00
90.The Argus and Australasian Cricket Guide (1931-32)110.00