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E: Cricket History – February 2015

E:     Cricket History – February 2015

At Roger Page Cricket Books, we stock a diverse and quality range of books on cricket history about significant periods, places, famous cricketers, individuals, teams, cricket tours, eras, cricket clubs, cricket organisations, competitions and cricketing countries written by well informed and significant authors who have provided in-depth detail about cricket.

#Item Listing$   ¢
60.A Century of Philadelphia Cricket (1951) (ed) J.A. Lester200.00
61.A History of Tasmanian Cricket (1958; card-covers) Roger Page20.00
62.At Last! The Quest For The Shield 1926-1995 (ed) David Falkenmire
(A chronicle of Queensland’s endeavours to win the Sheffield Shield)
63.Cricket In The Doldrums (1992; card-covers) David Montefiore
(“The Struggle between Private & Public Control of Australian Cricket in the 1880’s”)
64.Cricket In The Park Mervyn Shaw / Keith Carr
Part 2 – Up-dated History Of the East Suburban DCCA (Melbourne) (paper-back)
Part 3 – ‘The Statistics’ of the Association (paper-back; 698 pages)
65.40 Years On: The Story of The Lord’s Taverners (1990; card-covers) David Foot25.00
66.From Meadowland to Multinational (2010; limp-covers) Eric Midwinter
(“A Review Of Cricket’s Social History”; limited edition of 250 copies)
67.Golden Blues (new) Max Bonnell / James Rodgers
(“Sydney University Cricket: 150 Years of The Club and its Players”.)
68.Lords & The M.C.C. – A Cricket Chronicle of 137 Years (1914) Lord Harris / F.S. Ashley-Cooper150.00
69.More Than A Game (2007; mint) John Major
(“The Story of Cricket’s Early Years”. Signed by the author)
70.New Zealand Cricket 1841 – 1914 (scarce) T.W. Reese400.00
71.New Zealand Cricket 1914 – 1933 T.R. Reese50.00
72.The A.B.C. Cricket Book – The First 60 Years (1994; limp-boards) Jim Maxwell12.00
73.The History of South African Cricket (1915) (ed) M.W. Luckin
(“Including The Full Scores Of All Important Matches Since 1876”)
74.Western Suburbs District Cricket Club (Sydney) Jubilee 1895-1945 (1946)90.00