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G: Cricket Tour Books – February 2015

G:     Cricket Tour Books – February 2015

Over the years, there have many tour books written by well-know journalists and cricket writers. These tour books provide insightful information on what happens on those tours with anecdotal and contextual information about the cricket players and the tour. In each catalogue we try to stock a number of quality cricket tour books. If you have a special request for a tour book please do not hesitate to contact me.

#Item Listing$   ¢
91.The Champion Band – The First English Cricket Tour (new) Scott Reeves
(‘….George Parr’s X1 In Canada and the United States in 1859’)
92.The First Test – Stanley Brogden
(“The Story of The First Test Played Between England and Australia” in 1877)
93.The Australians In England 1882 (1982; mint) – C.F. Pardon
(Facsimile reprint of the 1882 book. Limited edition of 120 numbered copies)
94.Shaw and Shrewsbury’s Team in Australia 1884-8
(Facsimile reprint of the 1885 volume. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies)
95.Cricket in Many Climes (1900) – P.F. Warner
(Accounts of tours to the West Indies, United States & Canada, Portugal & South Africa)
96.England v. Australia. (1911-12) – P.F. Warner200.00
97.With The 15th Australian X1 (1921) – Sydney Smith|
(Good condition; signed by the author)
98.Gilligan’s Men: A Critical Review of The M.C.C. Tour of Australia 1924-25 – M.A. Noble70.00
99.The Greatest Test Match – John Marchant
(The 5th Test Match between England and Australia at The Oval, 1926)
100.Bradman’s First Tour (1981; near mint)
(The 1930 tour of England. Compiled from 3 scrap books belonging to G.L. Garnsey)
101.Bodyline? (1933) – Harold Larwood110.00
102.In Quest of The Ashes 1932-33 (1984 reprint; mint) – Douglas Jardine12.00
103.The Fight For The Ashes 1934 – Jack Hobbs100.00
104.M.C.C. In South Africa 1938-39 (1997; mint) – Brian Basaano
(First full-length account of a memorable tour, culminating in ‘The Timeless Test’)
105.The World on Tour (2011; near mint) – Stephen Walkers
(“The Commonwealth X1 and World X1 Teams That Played from 1945 to 2006”. Autographed by the author and 10 of the players who took part)
106.The Victory Tests: England v. Australia 1945 (2010; mint) – Mark Rowe25.00
107.Indian Summer: An Account of The Cricket Tour in England 1946 John Arlott50.00
108.Catch! – Keith Miller / R.S.Whitington
(Australian tour of South Africa 1949-50; M.C.C. in Australia 1950-51)
109.Cricket Crusaders West Indies Tour of Australia 1951-52 – Harold Dale25.00
110.The Ashes Crown The Year: A Coronation Cricket Diary Jack Fingleton12.00
111.Daring Young Men (2005; mint) – Alan Hill
(“The Story of England’s Victorious Tour of Australia and New Zealand 1954-55”)
112.The Kangaroo Conquers – West Indies v. Australia 1955 – Pat Landsberg45.00
113.Operation Ashes (1956) – Pat Landsberg / Arthur Morris15.00
114.Sackcloth Without Ashes – Roy McLean
(The 1957-58 Australian tour of South Africa)
115.Cricket’s Brightest Summer: West Indies Tour of Australia 1960-61- L.D. Roberts80.00
116.The Australian Challenge – 1961 – John Arlott’s Cricket Journal 4 (autographed)45.00
117.Kangaroo Invasion! – The Australian Cricket Tour of West Indies 1973- Brunell Jones45.00
118.Frindall’s Scorebook – Volume V1: Australia v. West Indies And England 1979-8040.00
119.Cricket Wallah – With England in India 1981-82 – Scyld Berry25.00
120.Seven Tests (1988; card-covers; autographed) – Chris Harte
(“An album of the ‘Tests’ between South Africa and the Australians 1985-87”. 200 copies only)
121.Steve Waugh’s Captain’s Diary 2002 (limp-boards)10.00
122.Ricky Ponting’s Captain’s Diary 2006 & 2007 (limp-boards)10.00 ea
123.Testing Times (2009 ‘Ashes’; autographed) – Andrew Strauss40.00
124.Ashes 2011: England’s Record-Breaking Victory (mint; autographed) – Gideon Haig30.00