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D: Cricket Biographies – February 2015

D:     Cricket Biographies – February 2015

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a wide range of quality cricket biographies of the best known modern and famous cricket players throughout the history cricket. If you need an item that is not shown on this page please type the title in the search box to see if we have stocked this item before. If the book is not there, send me an email or fill out the enquiry form.

#Item Listing$   ¢
46.Bobby Abel – Professional Batsman (1982) David Kynaston25.00
47.Meteor Over Marlborough (new) John Alexander
(“The Gary Bartlett Story”. Autographed by Bartlett)
48.Currency Lads (2001; limp-boards) Max Bonnell
(“The Life & Cricket of T.W. Garrett, R.C.Allen, S.P. Jones & R.J. Pope”)
49.Lord Ted – The Dexter Enigma (1995; mint) Alan Lee
(Autographed by subject and author)
50.Martin Donnelly – New Zealand’s Master Craftsman (1999; mint) Rod Nye30.00
51.C.L.R. James – Cricket’s Philosopher King (2007; mint) David Renton40.00
51.Harold Larwood: Nottinghamshire & England (2006; limp-boards) Raymond Smith30.00
52.Tony Lock: Aggressive Master of Spin (2008; mint) Alan Hill20.00
53.Cricket’s Unsung Legend – The Jimmy Matthews Story (2012; paper-back) James Brear20.00
54.Peter May: A Biography (1996; near mint) Alan Hill40.00
55.Cricketing Falstaff: The Biography of Colin Milburn (1998; mint) Mark Peel45.00
56.Lionel Tennyson: Regency Buck (2001; mint) Alan Edwards40.00
57.Merv Wallace – A Cricket Master (2000; card-covers Joseph Romanos35.00
58.‘One Who Will’ – The Search For Steve Waugh (2004) Jack Egan25.00
59.The Sir Frank Worrell Pictorial (1992; card-covers) Torrey Pilgrim35.00