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E: Cricket History – December 2014

E:     Cricket History – December 2014

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a diverse and quality range of books on cricket history.

#Item Listing$   ¢
67.A Century of Cricketers  (1950)  – A.G. Moyes10.00
68.Chuckers:  A History of Throwing in Australian Cricket  (2004; limp-boards) – Bernard Whimpress15.00
69.Fifty Years’ Reminiscences of Scottish Cricket  (1898) – D.D. Bone50.00
70.Golden Blues  (new)  – Max Bonnell / James Rodgers
(“Sydney University Cricket:  150 Years of the Club and its Players”.  Due – early December)
71.Hambledon:  The Biography of a Hampshire Villlage  (1994) – John Goldsmith35.00
72.Lancashire County Cricket  –  The Official History:  1864-1953 – A.W. Ledbrooke45.00
73.Leather and Willow  (new) – Derek Mott
(“A History of the Willetton Crows Cricket Club”  in South Perth,  Western Australia)
74.Lords & The M.C.C.  –  A Cricket Chronicle of 137 Years  (1914) – Lord Harris/F.S. Ashley-Cooper150.00
75.Middlesex County Cricket Club 1921-1937  (1949) – N.E. Haig / H.R. Murrell90.00
76.More Than a Game  (2007; mint) – John Major
(“The Story of Cricket’s Early Years”.  Signed by the author)
77.The Family Fortune:  A Saga of Sussex Cricket  (1978) – Alan Hill20.00
78.The History of South African Cricket  (1915) – (ed) M.W. Luckin
(“Including The Full Scores of All Important Matches Since 1876”)
79.The History of The Sheffield Shield  (1987; near mint) – Chris Harte15.00
80.The Singapore Cricket Club 1852-1985  (near mint) – Ilsa Sharp50.00
81.The West Indies:  50 Years of Test Cricket  (1978) – Tony Cozier6.00
82.“Up The Waves”  (1994;  mint) – John Morrison
(“A History of The Waverley Cricket Club Inc. 1894-1994”)
83.Wounded Tiger  (new) – Peter Oborne (“….”insightful and explosive look at the controversial history of cricket in Pakistan”)55.00