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B: Anthologies – December 2014

B:     Cricket Anthologies – December 2014

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a quality range of cricket anthologies and other published collection and pieces of cricket writings. There are significant number of quality cricket anthologies in this month’s catalogue.

#Item Listing $   ¢
14.A Century of Cricket Jokes  (1996)                     (ed) Helen Exley5.00
15.An Indian Cricket Omnibus  (1994)                      (ed)   R.Guha / T.G.Vaidyanathan”)20.00
16.Bat & Ball  –  A New Book of Cricket  (1935)     (ed)   Thomas Moult30.00
17.Chronicles of Cricket  (1888;  second edition)
(Facsimile reprints of Nyren’s “Cricketer’s Guide”,  Lillywhite’s  “Handbook of Cricket” and Denison’s  “Sketches of The Players”)
18.Cricket  (1903)                                                   (ed) Horace G. Hutchinson
(“The  ‘Country Life’ Library of Sport”;  454 pages of text;  80 of illustrations)
19.Cricket and the Clock:  A Post-War Commentary  (1952)    E.W. Swanton12.00
20.Cricket and Other Diversions  (1978;  re-bound; autographed)    Frank Tyson20.00
21.Favourite Cricket Yarns  (new)                          (ed)  Ken Piesse35.00
22.McGilvray – The Voice of Cricket  (1996;  limp-boards)     (ed)   Norman Tasker20.00
23.Parachutists at Fine Leg & Other Unusual Occurrences from Wisden  (2007)  Gideon Haigh12.00
24.Raj Singh Dungarpur  (1935-2009)  (new)          (ed) Samar Singh / Harsh Vardhan40.00
25.The Book of Cricket Verse  (1953)                     (ed)  Gerald Brodribb35.00
26.The Highlights  –  Frank Keating  (new)               (ed)  Matthew Engel40.00
27.The Roses Matches 1919-1939  (1982; near mint)      Neville Cardus
(Inc. Cardus’  match accounts, with full scoring details and many unusual photographs)
28.The Spirit of Cricket  (1984;  530 pages)            (ed)  C.D.A. Martin-Jenkins20.00
The Spirit of Cricket

Cricket Anthologies - Parachutist at Fine Leg Gideon Haigan_indian_cricket_omnibusCricket Anthologies