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H: Miscellaneous – December 2013

H:     Miscellaneous – December 2013

#Item Listing$   ¢
139.A Cricket Bag – And Some Illustrations (1929) – James Thorpe35.00
140.A Cricketer on Cricket (1900) – W.J. Ford45.00
141.Annals of the Free Foresters (1895) – W.K.R. Bedford40.00
142.A Searchlight on English Cricket (1926) – E.H.D. Sewell25.00
143.Bradman The Great (scarce first edition; 1959) – B.J. Wakley
(Full descriptions of every first-class innings played by Sir Donald Bradman)
144.By His Own Hand: A Study of Cricket’s Suicides (1990) – David Frith20.00
145.Clarke’s Meadow and the Calypso Kings (new) – Dave Bracegirdle
(Chronicle of all West Indies major visits to Trent Bridge ….)
146.Classic Centuries In The Test Matches Between England & Australia – B.J. Wakley
(Detailed examination of the 272 ‘Ashes’ centuries made between 1877 and 1964)
147.Colin Cowdrey in Test Cricket (2005; limp-boards) – Bernard Black30.00
148.Cricket’s Far Horizons (1996; limp-boards; autographed) – Ian Ferguson
(Survey of minor cricket in 30 countries)
149.Cricket: The Bowler’s Art (1997; limp-bards) – Brian Wilkins35.00
150.500 Notable Cricket Quotations (1996; card-covers) – Irving Rosenwater25.00
151.Fraud, Corruption and Sport (new) – Graham Brooks
152.H.M.S. Bradman: The Story of the Cricketer Trawler Fleet (2007; card-covers)25.00
153.How to Watch Cricket (1949; card-covers) – John Arlott20.00
154.John Arlott’s 100 Greatest Batsmen (1986; near mint)25.00
155.Masterly Batting: 100 Great Test Innings (new) – (ed) Patrick Ferriday / Dave Wilson35.00
156.Official Autograph Sheet – Wesern Australia v. New Zealand, Nov. 1987 (framed & glazed)60.00
157.Of Period and Place (1944) – John Arlott
(Poems, including “Cricket at Worcester, 1938” and “The old cricketer”)
158.Only Yesterday (2007; limp-boards) – Alf Batchelder
(“Don Bradman at the Melbourne Cricket Ground”)
159.Runs ‘N Ruins (1984; card-covers; autographed) – Sunil Gavaskar30.00
160.Saving The Test (new) – Mike Jakeman
(The problems facing Test cricket today)
161.The Art of Jack Russell: A Personal Journey Through 18 Counties (new)50.00
162.The Ashes Miscellany (2006) – Clive Batty
(“The Ultimate England v. Australia Cricket Trivia Book”)
163.The Author’s X1 (new) – ‘The Authors Cricket Club’
(“A Season of English Cricket from Hackney to Hambledon”)
164.The Best of the Best (2000; limp-boards) – Charles Davis
(“A New Look at the Great Cricketers and Their Changing Times”)
165.The Game’s the Thing (1926) – M.A. Noble
(“With Special chapters on the Genius of Victor Trumper”)
166.The Golden Age of Cricket (1967) – Patrick Morrah30.00
167.The Great Tamasha (new) – James Astill
(“Cricket, Corruption & the Turbulent Rise of Modern India”)
168.The Oxford Companion to Australian Cricket (1996; near mint; 640 pages)
(ed) Richard Cashman / Warwick Franks / Jim Maxwell / Brian Stoddart / Amanda Weaver / Ray Webster)
169.The Temple Down the Road (2003; mint) – Brian Matthews
(“The Life & Times of the Melbourne Cricket Ground”)
170.The Three W’s of West Indian Cricket: A Comparitive Batting Analysis – Keith Sandiford /Arjun Tan
(2001; card-covers)
171.The Thirty Tests (1978) – Peter Pollock
(A pictorial history of South African Test Cricket 1961-1970)
172.The Rebel Tours (2009; near mint) – Peter May
(“Cricket’s Crisis of Conscience”)
173.The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket (2006; card-covers) – Michael Rundell15.00
174.Triumph In Bombay: Travels During the Cricket World Cup (new) – Vaibhav Vats35.00
175.What Wisden Means to Me (new) – (ed) Bill Furmedge
(Recollections and reminiscences from over 100 Wisden collectors)
176.Wisden Cricketers of the Year: A Celebration of Cricket’s Greatest Players (new) – Simon Wilde
(Lavishly illustrated coffee table book)
177.Yorkshire’s 22 Championships 1893-1946 (1949) – E.L. Roberts40.00