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G: Tour Books

G:     Tour Books – August 2014

In each of our catalogues we stock a number of quality cricket tour books.

#Item Listing$   ¢
100.The English Cricketers’ Trip to Canada & The United StatesiIn 1859 – Fred Lillywhite
(Facsimile hard-back reprint of the first of all tour books, with a new introduction by Robin Marlar)
101.The Black Lords of Summer (2002; limp-boards) –
(“The Story Of The 1868 Aboriginal Tour of England & Beyond”) Ashley Mallett
102.The Australians in England 1884 – C.F. Pardon
(Re-bound; very good condition but lacking original back cover)
103.Test of Time – …. In Search of a Cricketing Legend (2005; limp-covers) – John Lazenby
(The England tour of Australia in 1897-98, re-traced by the grandson of J.R. Mason)
104.Cricket Across the Seas – P.F. Warner
(“….Lord Hawke’s Team In New Zealand and Australia” 1902-03)
105.An Australian Cricketer on Tour (1905; covers slightly worn) – Frank Laver
(Accounts of the 1899 and 1905 Australian tours of England)
106.Mary Ann’s Australians (1994; limp-covers) – Peter Mahony
(“The Australian Tour of 1909 – The First Full Account”)
107.England v. Australia 1912 (1956; S.B.C.) – P.F. Warner25.00
108.The Fight for The Ashes 1926 – P.F. Warner100.00
109.The Turn of the Wheel: M.C.C. Team, Australia 1928-29) – P.G.H. Fender120.00
110.Bodyline Umpire (1974) – R.S.Whitington / George Hele
(“An Eye-Witness Account of a Dramatic Era in Test Cricket”. Signed by George Hele)
111.Jardine Justified – The Truth About The Ashes (1932-33) – Bruce Harris120.00
112.Kissing the Rod: The Story of the Tests of 1934 – P.G.H. Fender100.00
113.Field of Shadows: The English Cricket Tour of Nazi Germany 1937 (new) Dan Waddell40.00
114.Cricket’s Dawn That Died – The Australians in England 1938 (1991)- Barry Valentine40.00
115.The Australian Tour to England 1948 (card-covers) – Peter Wynne-Thomas et. al.20.00
116.Halo for Hadlee (card-covers; scarce) – George Wycherley
(“A light-heated history of the 1949 New Zealand cricket tour of England”)
117.The Fight for The Ashes 1950-51 – A.G. Moyes20.00
118.Test Match Diary 1953 – John Arlott20.00
119.West Indian Adventure: With Hutton’s M.C.C. Team 1953-54 – E.W. Swanton20.00
120.In The Eye of the Typhoon (2004; mint) – Fank Tyson
(“Recollections of the Marylebone Cricket Club tour of Australia 1954-55”)
121.The Fight for The Ashes 1958-59 (near mint) – Ian Peebles15.00
122.Cricket on Trial – John Arlott’s Cricket Journal 3
(The 1960 season in England, including the South African Tests)
123.A Tale of Two Tests (1962) – Richie Benaud
(The Tied Test at Brisbane 1960; England v. Australia, Manchester 1961)
124.Summer Spectacular: The West Indies v. England 1963 – J.S. Barker20.00
125.The Oval Memories – Pakistan Team’s Tour Of England 1967 (card-covers) – Q. Butt130.00
126.Cricket Grand-Slam – Eric Litchfield
(Australian tour of South Africa 1970)
127.A Summer of Cricket (1976; near mint) – Tony Lewis
(The 1975 season in England, including the ‘Ashes’ series and the Prudential Cup)
128.Lambs to the Slaughter (1978-79 Ashes; autographed) – Graham Yallop25.00
129.Test Series’ 82 – The Australian Cricket Tour of New Zealand (limp-boards – Dick Brittenden / Don Cameron5.00
130.Tour of Tours – Border’s Victorious Australians of 1989 – Patrick Eagar /Alan Ross20.00
131.Ashes Summer (1997; near mint) – Nasser Hussain / Steve Waugh30.00
132.Pundits From Pakistan (limp-covers) – Rahul Bhattacharya
(Indian tour of Pakistan 2004)
133.Downed Under: The AshesiIn Australia 2006-07 – Gideon Haigh30.00