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J: Some Forthcoming Publications

J:     Some Forthcoming Publications – August 2014

The following books are due soon. Orders should be placed for them now. Approximate pricesare shown:

#Item Listing$   ¢
193.A Pictorial History Of Sussex County Cricket Club – Roger Packham
(“To mark the 175th anniversary of the formation of England’s oldest county cricket club”. Paper-back; 240 pages; 700 colour and black and white illustrations)
194.W.E. Astill: All-Rounder Debonair – A.R. Littlewood
(No. 36 in the Cricket Statistician’s ‘Lives In Cricket’ series. Paper-back; 189 pages)
195.William Clarke – The Old General – Peter Wynne-Thomas
Standard paper-back edition
Hard-back edition of 30 signed copies
(No. 37 in the Cricket Statistician’s ‘Lives In Cricket’ series. 141 pages)
196.Bradman’s Walk To Glory: An Innocent Misattribution – Bernard Whimpress(Dissertation on the 99 framed, signed ‘Bradman’s Walk To Glory’ portraits produced in 1997 and advertised as ‘the quintessential collectible in the international world of cricket’. Signed, numbered edition of 169 copies. 12 page booklet with attractive laminated cover)20.00
197.Cricket Lore: The Guide – (ed) Eric Midwinter
(Includes tributes and appraisals by five regular contributors and a complete listing of all the articles published in its 47 issues. Paper-back: 64 pages)


198.First-Class Cricket Matches 1949 – Philip Bailey
(The latest volume in the Cricket Statistician’s series. Full scorecards of all first-class matches played worldwide in the 1948-49 and 1949 seasons, including information, such as the toss and second innings batting orders, never previously published in book form. 392 pages)


199.Great Cricket Matches 1772-1830: The Players And The Records – Keith Warsop
(Cricket Statistician’s publication. 80 pages; paper-back)
200.Greater Than Bradman: Celebrating Sachin – The Greatest Batsman in Cricket History – Rudolph Lambert Fernandez
(The ‘first-of-its kind forensic study’ to prove that ‘Sachin not Bradman is the greatest batsman of all time’. Paper-back; 214 pages)
201.‘Lucky’ Jim Pleass: The Memoirs of Glamorgan’s 1948 Championship Winner – Andrew Hignell
(Biography of the sole surviving member of Glamorgan’s 1948 team, ‘a hard-working professional cricketer who simply enjoyed the game he loved’. Paper-back; 128 pages)
202.The Digger’s Doctor – Ashley Mallett(Describes the ‘extraordinary life’ of Donald Beard ….his love of cricket and deep friendship with cricketers, including Sir Donald Bradman …..’. Paper-back; 211 pages)30.00
203.The Final Over – The Cricketers of Summer 1914 – Christopher Sandford
(‘The very personal story of how some of the greatest characters in English cricket performed some of their greatest feats against the ticking clock of events in Europe’. Hard-back 256 pages)
204.The Highlights – Frank Keating – (ed) Matthew Engel
(Selection of the writings of one of Britain’s most original sports journalists and authors, who died last year. Hard-back; 328 pages)
205.Wisden on The Great War: The Lives of Cricket’s Fallen 1914-1918 – Andrew Renshaw(Up-dates all 1800 obituaries published in the wartime Wisdens, recognises the 89 who did not
get an obituary, lists for the first time the 407 first-class cricketers who were decorated for gallantry, of whom 381 survived …. Hard-back; 532 pages.)