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F: Souvenir Brochures and Booklets – April 2015

F:     Souvenir Brochures & Booklets – April 2015

We stock a limited number of Souvenir Brochures and Booklets. If you need any specific cricket ephemera or cricket collections, please feel free to contact me to see what we have in stock or if I can point you in the right direction with souvenir brochures, other cricket ephemera or distinctive collectable cricket booklets.

#Item Listing$   ¢
83.Australian X1 English Tour 1938 (Orient Line)125.00
84.Celebrating 100 Years of Sheffield Shield Cricket – S.Aust. v. N.S.W., December 199210.00
85.Champions Forever. Yorkshire – County Champions 2001 Richard Mills20.00
86.Cricket ‘ 64 – Australian Tour: Complete Record (“A Flamingo Production”)15.00
87.Cricket World Cup 1975 (Australian Cricket Society – A.C.T. Branch)12.00
88.England v. Australia 1956 (“Golden Fleece….”)15.00
89.John Stephenson Benefit Year 200112.00
90.M.C.C. Tour of South Africa 1956-57 (Official Souvenir Brochire)15.00
91.Shield Of Dreams – Sheffield Shield final March 24-28, 199512.00
92.Souvenir of English cricket matches played at Brisbane in 1946 (bound volume)50.00
93.Test Cricket 1962-63 & 1963-64 (Associated Publishers, Adelaide)12.00 ea
94.The Sporting Globe Cricket Books 1928-29, 1932-33 & 1936-3780.00 ea
95.Victorian Cricket Association. Ryder Medal Dinner 1974-75
(Autographed by Lindsay Hassett, Ben Barnett and Ernie McCormick)
96.West Indies Tour Of Australia 1951-52 (N.S.W. Official Souvenir Programme)15.00
97.West Indies vs. Australia 1955 (“The Daily Gleaner”)20.00
98.World Cup ‘99 – Australia v. Pakistan & South Africa10.00 ea