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H: Miscellaneous – April 2015

H:     Miscellaneous – April 2015

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a number of quality miscellaneous cricket books that suits everyone’s tastes and love of cricket. If you are looking for an elusive cricket book on anything please contact me at

#Item Listing$   ¢
131.A Century Of Grace (1984; reprint; card-covers) Harry Furniss
(W.G. Grace anecdotes, statistics, sketches etc.)
132.Agger’s Special Delivery (2005; mint) Jonathan Agnew
(“Trivial Delights from the World of Cricket”)
133.A Song For Cricket (1981; near mint) David Rayvern Allen
(Inc. an appendix listing over 400 known cricketing songs)
134.Contrasts – Poems by John Snow (1971; card-covers; autographed)20.00
135.Cricket (1891) W.G. Grace60.00
136.Cricket Guide And How To Play Cricket (1906; Spalding’s Athletic Library)
Prince Ranjitsinhji
137.Cricket – The Golden Age (2003; near mint) Duncan Steer
(350 photographs capturing extraordinary moments in over 90 years of cricket)
138.Cricket’s Secret History (1952; autographed) Walter Hammond120.00
139.Cuts & Glances (1948) John Kay
(The 1947 English season, including the Test Matches against South Africa)
140.Echoes From Old Cricket Fields (1972) Frederick Gale
(Reprint of the 1871 volume by the cricket journalist known as ‘The Old Buffer’)
141.Heroes And Contemporaries (1983; autographed) David Gower30.00
142.H.M.S. Bradman: The Story of the Cricketer Trawler Fleet (2007; card-covers)
Grahame H. Cumming /Kenneth R. Newman
143.How Sachin Destroyed My Life – But Gave Me An All Access Pass To The World  (‘ Of Cricket’  (new)  Viktam Sathaye15.00
144.I Couldn’t Bowl For Laughin’ (1998; limp-boards; autographed) Charlee Marshall
(Humorous account of one man’s obsession with cricket)
145.Idols (1984; near mint; autographed) Sunil Gavaskar45.00
146.Jamaican First-Class Cricket – A Complete Statistical Record 1895-2001 (limp-boards)(Inc. scorecards of all first-class matches played by Jamaica; 333 pages) Carl Bell25.00
147.Kiwis Declare: Players Tell the Story of New Zealand Cricket (1994) Nigel Smith25.00
148.Next Man In (1995; revised edition) Gerald Brodribb
(“A Survey of Cricket Laws and Customs”)
149.New Zealand Test Cricket Captains (2002; limp-boards) Matthew Appleby35.00
150.Official Autograph Sheet – Victorian team v. England, January 20-23, 1995, at Bendigo
(Inc. Dean Jones, Matthew Elliott, Simon Cook, Ian Harvey, Paul Reiffel & Brad Hodge)
151.Quill On Willow – Cricket in Literature (2001; near mint) Eric Midwinter45.00
152.Richie Benaud’s Way of Cricket (1962)
(Autographed by Ray Lindwall, Peter Burge, Tom Veivers, Lou Rowan and 8 others)
153.Second X1: Cricket In Its Outposts (new) (ed) Tim Wigmore, Gideon Haigh
(Cricket in Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Kenya, Ireland etc.)
154.70 Years With The SCG (new; autographed) Peter Philpott35.00
155.Sex & Drugs & Rebel Tours: The England Cricket Team In The 1980’s (new) David Tossell35.00
156.Since 1877 – Anglo-Australian Test Cricket 1877-1934 (card-covers) E.H.M. Baillie25.00
157.So Near, So Far (2002; card-covers; autographed) Marc Fiddian
(“Australians in Test cricket’s shadow”)
158.Stick It Up, Stick It Right Up …. (2010; limp-boards) Roger Donnelly
(“The Lives and Laughs of Australian Test Umpires”
159.The Art of Cricket (1983; mint) Robin Simon
(Beautifully produced book describing 163 items in detail)
160.The Bradman Museum’s World of Cricket (new) Mike Coward
(25th anniversary celebratory volume. Includes Bradman’s personal slide collection)
161.The Complete Cricketer (1911 edition) Albert E. Knight70.00
162.The Crowe Style – Martin & Jeff’s World Of Cricket (1987)
(Autographed by both brothers)
163.The Encyclopaedia Of Indian Cricket (1965) L.N. Mathur45.00
164.The Game Of Cricket (1888; second edition) Frederick Gale50.00
165.The Lord’s Taverners Fifty Greatest (1983; near mint)
(Portfolio of paintings and sketches of “50 post-war players from around the world”)
166.The Presidents of M.C.C. (2006; autographed) Jonathan Rice40.00
167.The Test Within (1987; autographed) Frank Tyson
(“Talent and Temperament in 22 Cricketers”)
168.The Thirty Tests (1978) Peter Pollock
(A pictorial history of South African Test cricket 1961-1970)
169.The Wisden Book of Test Cricket 2000-2009 (mint) (ed) Steven Lynch
(Inc. full scorecards and match reports of all Test Matches played during the decade. 512 pages)
170.The Wisden Guide to Cricket Grounds (1989; paper-back) William Powell40.00
171.The World of Cricket (1966; 1165 pages) (ed) E.W. Swanton20.00
172.W.G.’s Little Book (1909; re-bound with original covers preserved) – W.G. Grace110.00
173.Willow The King – The Story of a Cricket Match (1899) J.C. Snaith40.00