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B: Appreciation – April 2015

B:     Cricket Appreciation – April 2015

At Roger Page Cricket Books we stock a quality range of cricket appreciation books and other published collection and pieces of cricket writings. There are significant number of quality cricket appreciation books in this month’s catalogue.

#Item Listing$   ¢
14.Batter’s Castle – A Ramble Round the Realm of Cricket (1958) Ian Peebles12.00
15.Batsman’s Paradise – An Anatomy of Cricketomania (1955) Ronald Mason20.00
16.Between Indian Wickets (1976; paper-back) Sujit Mukerjee
(“….a book that lyrically captures the romance of Indian cricket”)
17.Beyond A Boundary (1963; scarce hard-back) C.L.R. James
(Considered by Wisden “The best book ever written on cricket”)
18.Cardus on Cricket (1977; near mint)
(Includes Cardus’ account of ‘The Test Matches Of 1938’)
19.Concerning Cricket: Studies of The Play & Players (1949) John Arlott20.00
20.Cricket Bouquet: Comedy & Character in the Counties (1961) A.A. Thomson30.00
21.Cricketers of My Times (1967; near mint) A.A. Thomson25.00
22.From The Boundary (1951; autographed) Ray Robinson25.00
23.Good Days: A Book of Cricket (1934) Neville Cardus
(Second half of book on ‘The Test Matches Of 1934’).
24.Sweet Summers (2009; mint) (ed) Duncan Hamilton
(“The Classic Cricket Writing Of JM.Kilburn”. Autographed by Geoffrey Boycott)
25.The Happy Cricketer (1947) ‘A Country Vicar’20.00
26.The Playfair Cardus – Essays From Playfair Cricket Monthly (1963; card-covers)8.00
27.Vintage Elevens (1969) A.A. Thomson20.00 ea
The Spirit of Cricket

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