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G: Cricket Tour Books – April 2015

G:     Tour Books – April 2015

Over the years, there have been volumes of cricket books written on cricket tours and these tour books provide insights into what has happened during those matches and behind the scenes. In each of our catalogues we stock a number of quality cricket tour books. If there is as special request for a book from the cricket tour books category please do not hesitate to contact us

#Item Listing$   ¢
99.The Champion Band – The First English Cricket Tour (new) Scott Reeves
(‘….George Parr’s X1 In Canada and the United States in 1859’)
100.The International Aboriginal Cricketers v. Illawarra (paper-covers; 1968) A.P. Fleming)
(Two matches played at Wollongong in 1867 before the Aborigines toured England)
101.The Strangers Who Came Home (new) John Lazenby
(“The First Australian Cricket Tour of England 1878”)
102.Shaw And Shrewsbury’s Team in Australia 1884-85
(Facsimile reprint of the 1885 volume. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies)
103.Cricket in Many Climes (1900) – P.F. Warner
(Accounts of tours to the West Indies, United States & Canada, Portugal & South Africa)
104.Cricket Across The Seas (2001; facsimile reprint) P.F. Warner
(Lord Hawke’s team in New Zealand & Australia 1902-03. Limited edition of 300 copies)
105.Recovering The Ashes …. The Cricket Tour in Australia 1911-12 Jack Hobbs135.00
106.Defending The Ashes (1920-21; spine worn) P.G.H. Fender250.00
107.The Turn of the Wheel: M.C.C. Team, Australia 1928-29 P.G.H. Fender150.00
108.Bradman & The Summer That Changed Cricket (2009) Christopher Hilton
(“The Amazing 1930 Australian Tour of England”)
109.Bodyline? (1933) – Harold Larwood110.00
110.1937 Test Tour Bruce Harris100.00
111.M.C.C. In South Africa 1938-39 (1997; mint) – Brian Basaano
(First full-length account of a memorable tour, culminating in ‘The Timeless Test’)
112.Indian Summer: An Account of the Cricket Tour in England 1946 John Arlott50.00
113.Cricket Conquest (1948 tour; autographed) Bill 0’Reilly55.00
114.Catch! – Keith Miller / R.S.Whitington
(Australian tour of South Africa 1949-50; M.C.C. in Australia 1950-51)
115.Noursemen In England: The South African Cricket Tour 1951 C.O. Medworth25.00
116.Cricket Crusaders – West Indies Tour of Australia 1951-52 Harold Dale25.00
117.The Fight For The Ashes 1954-55 A.G. Moyes25.00
118.The Fight For The Ashes 1956 Peter West25.00
119.Cricket Cat and Mouse (card-covers; scarce) Qamaruddin Butt
(‘Australians’ Tour of Pakistan in 1959’; covers worn)
120.Cricket’s Brightest Summer: West Indies Tour of Australia 1960-61 L.D. Roberts80.00
121.The Challenging Tests (1961) Ray Lindwall8.00
122.Simpson’s Australians – The England Tour 1964 E.M. Wellings
(Autographed by Bob Simpson)
123.Testing Time – M.C.C. in the West Indies 1974 Christopher Martin-Jenkins35.00
124.A Pitch in Both Camps – England & World Series Cricket in Australia 1978-79 Alan Lee8.00
125.The Captain’s Diary – England in Australia and New Zealand 1982-83 Bob Willis
(Autographed by the author)
126.Calypso Cavaliers (magazine format) Brian Crowley
(“West Indian Cricketers In South Africa 1983-84”)
127.Ashes Glory – Allan Border’s Own Story (1989)
(Autographed by all members of the 1989 Australian team including Bob Simpson, the coach)
128.Test of Fire (England in the West Indies 1990) Graham Gooch (autographed)35.00
129.One Summer, Every Summer – An Ashes Journal 1994-95 Gideon Haigh20.00
130.The Telegraph Book Of The Ashes 2013 (mint) (ed) Steve James15.00