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G: Tour Books – April 2014

G:     Tour Books – April 2014

#Item Listing$   ¢
99.The First Test Match – England v. Australia 1877 (1950)
(“The Background” by John Arlott; “The Story And Account” by Stanley Brogden)
100.The Australians in England 1884 – C.F. Pardon
(Facsimile reprint of the 1884 book. Limited edition of 150 numbered copies)
101.Shaw and Shrewsbury’s Team in Australia 1884-85
(Facsimile reprint of the 1885 book. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies)
102.M.C.C. in South Africa (1905-06) – P.F. Warner300.00
103.Collins’s Men (1926) – A.E.R. Gilligan80.00
104.A Nation Imagined (2003; limp-boards) –
(“First West Indies Test Team – The 1928 Tour”) Hilary McD Beckles
105.The Tests of 1930 – P.G.H. Fender150.00
106.And Then Came Larwood – An Account of the Test Matches 1932-33 – Arthur Mailey120.00
107.The “Sporting” English?: From Front Line to Body Line
(“A Commentary by a ‘Man in the Street’”)
108.Cricket’s Dawn that Died – The Australians in England 1938 (1991) – Barry Valentine40.00
109.Cricket Controversy: Test Matches In Australia 1946-47 – Clif Cary25.00
110.Brightly Fades The Don (1948) – Jack Fingleton30.00
111.Cricket Task-Force – The Story of the 1950-51 Tour – Bill O’Reilly15.00
112.With the West Indies in Australia 1951-52 – A.G. Moyes30.00
113.Ian Peebles on The Ashes 1954-5512.00
114.Playing For a Draw (card-covers) – Qamaruddin Butt
(“Covering Pakistan’s Tour of India 1960-61”)
115.The New Champions: Australia in the West Indies 1965 (autographed) – Richie Benaud35.00
116.With England in Australia – The M.C.C. Tour 1965-66 – John Clarke15.00
117.Kiwis and Kangaroos (card-covers) – Rajan Bala
(Tours of India by Australia and New Zealand in 1969)
118.The Young Ones (card-covers; scarce) – Zakir Hussain Syed
(“A Coverage of Pakistan Cricket Team’s Tour of India 1971”)
119.Gone with the Indians Again! (card-covers) Brunell Jones
(West Indies v. India 1948-1976)
120.Frindall’s Scorebook: Australia v. West Indies 1975-7620.00
121.The Jubilee Tests: England v. Australia 1977 and the Packer Revolution (near mint) – Christopher Martin-Jenkins15.00
122.The Ashes Retained (1978-79; autographed) – Mike Brearley35.00
123.The Ashes Centenary Series 1982-83 (“Library Edition”) – Ian Chappell30.00
124.The Captain’s Diary: England in Fiji, New Zaland And Pakistan 1983-84 – Bob Willis20.00
125.Ashes ‘85 (near mint) – Matthew Engel25.00
126.Calypso Cricket (paper-back) – Roland Fishman
(“The Inside Story” of the Australian tour of the West Indies in 1991)
127.England Tour of India 1992-93 (card-covers) – S. Pervez Qaiser25.00
128.The Champions – Australia in the West Indies 1995 – David Hookes
129.Steve Waugh’s Ashes Diary 2001 (limp-boards)
(“With Highlights from Australia’s Remarkable Tour of India”)
130.Pundits from Pakistan (limp-covers) – Rahul Bhattacharya
(Indian tour of Pakistan 2004)
131.Ashes to Ashes (new; hard-back) Gideon Haigh
(“The story of the back-to-back series of 2013-2014”. Due early April)