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B: Appreciation – April 2014

B:     Appreciation – April 2014

#Item Listing $   ¢
14.All In The Game (1952) R.C. Robertson-Glasgow25.00
15.A Season for All Men (1985; near mint) E. Valentine Joyce
(“…. evokes memories of the golden, sunlit cricketing days of yester-year”) .
16.Beyond a Boundary (1963; scarce hard-back) C.L.R. James
(Considered by Wisden “the best book ever written on cricket”)
17.Cricket (1930; “The English Heritage Series”) Neville Cardus40.00
18.Cricket all the Year (1952) Neville Cardus
(Second half of book on the M.C.C. Tour of Australia 1950-51)
19.Cricket My Happiness (1954) A.A. Thomson25.00
20.Cricket My Love (1946) Leslie Duckworth20.00
21.England Over (1927) Dudley Carew55.00
22.In Search of Cricket (1937) J.M. Kilburn40.00
23.Pavilioned in Splendour (1956) A.A. Thomson35.00
24.Sing all a Green Willow (1967; near mint) Ronald Mason
(Inc. chapters on Sutcliffe, Constantine, Paynter & ‘Larwood & the Bodyline Tour’)
25.The Brighter Side of Cricket (1950) R.C. Robertson-Glasgow20.00
26.The Echoing Green: Cricket Sketches (1952) John Arlott35.00
27.The Romance of Indian Cricket (1968; card-covers) Sujit Mukerjee
(“The Intimate Story Of Indian Cricket And Cricketers”)
28.The Summer Game – A Cricketer’s Journal (1929) Neville Cardus55.00