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Roger Page’s name is synonymous with the buying and selling of cricket Roger Page Cricket Books Catalogue books since 1969. During those years, Roger has come across many people with varied interests in cricket. There are those who only collect¬†Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, others collect who chase down biographies or autobiographies, or the purist perhaps considering historical works the accepted area of collecting. Perhaps the common theme in all that is Roger Page Cricket Books is that the variety of cricket books, rare or otherwise, has been the ‘trade or commodity’ for Roger Page. In his business, Roger has sought to meet the needs of those collectors, readers and sometimes investors who seen cricket as their focus in lives as an interest, passion and never ending mindset.

Roger Page is Australia’s only full-time cricket bookseller. Born in England he moved to Tasmania with his family at the age of twelve. Though only an average cricketer at school he always had a passion for the game. By the age of nineteen he had already scored in a first class cricket match. Upon finishing school he went to the University of Tasmania, graduating with an arts degree. At twenty two he had written ‘A History of Tasmanian Cricket’. He taught English and History at a number of Tasmanian High Schools. He wrote on the game as well as being the Australian agent for the English cricket eccentric Rowland Bowen, the editor and publisher of ‘The Cricket Quarterly’.

Always roger_page_300interested in cricket books he ventured into cricket book selling in late 1969 as a means of increasing his collection. He soon realised that to make the business viable he needed to move to the mainland. In 1972 he married Hilda and together they set up home and business in the outer Melbourne suburb of Macleod.

It was here that the business grew and developed. He was appointed as Australian agent for a number of overseas journals, annuals and magazines. He also became the agent for book publishers and the supplier of ‘hard to get’ cricket books.

Collectors, writers and researchers sought him out on cricket literary matters. After his arrival in Melbourne he became associated with the Fitzroy Cricket Club as their first team scorer, a position he still holds today. He is a life member of the club.